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NTUi’s goal is to be far more than just a call center but also to be strategic partner of TESDA, increasing employment rate for the less fortunate and building a promising career change for those currently unemployed, with or without experience, and are willing to undergo as call center agents by delivering superior call center training services.

Pursuant to a board resolution; NTU, Inc. intends to incorporate a program/course that will cater to the need of call center agents in a span of 100 hours. We have developed a comprehensive training curriculum specifically focused on the needs of the call center. It educates agents on the skills and tools needed to ensure that every call is handled properly and to the satisfaction of the customer. This course emphasizes professional telephone/call handling techniques as well as rendering quality customer service, and includes effective communication skills, basic technical skills, personality development, knowledge about call center industry, carrying out one’s self in a call center job interview, and many more.